Helpful Retirement Calculators, Links And Tools


Social Security Income Estimator...Here's the Link

Retirement Income Calculator

72t Basics ..Here's a calculator

Should I use a Roth or Traditional Ira?....Here's a CALCULATOR

Fidelity Roth or Traditional IRA...Here's a calculator.

Self-employed Retirement Plan Calculator.  Use for SEP IRA and Solo 401k contributions. 

IRS Frequently Asked Questions on IRA's....Here's the link

The cost of Long Term Care in your area....Here's a CALCULATOR

Dinkytown,  unusual name with excellent retirement and minimum required distribution (MRD)CALCULATORS

Income Annuity calculator....How much income can I generate? 

Natonal Council on Aging has reverse mortgage Information

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation....Here's the link

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)....Here's the Link

US Treasury information on Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)..Here's the link

Non-Deductible IRA,  You'll file form 8606...Here's the Link 

Social Security Taxation, IRS Publication 915..Here's the Link

Best Annuity Selected By Barron's

The best resource For Retirement and Rollover Planning...'s the Link