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Life Comes At You Fast..Get A Will

Here's a financial planning topic most people tend to put off-establishing a will.  We have a section on our web site that explains the importance of beneficiaries on retirement accounts, however I've read studies that indicate half of all Americans die without a will.  Clearly this is so important.  We'll be establishing a new section on the site this summer with some estate planning essentials.  Sandra Block of USAToday provides some will basics.

Everyone should have a will, but it's particularly important if: gavel.jpg

You have minor children. If you and your spouse die without a will, a court will decide who will raise your children. This can lead to confusion and infighting among surviving grandparents and other relatives, says Brian Liu, CEO of LegalZoom, a will-preparation Internet site.

By preparing a will, you can name a guardian for your children and a trustee to manage your estate on their behalf, Belcher says. You can designate the guardian to serve as trustee, he says. But if the person you want to raise your children isn't financially savvy, you might want to name someone else as the trustee

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