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Repeat After Me...I Will Contribute Enough To Get The Company Match!

Here's a new 401k study from Financial Engines.  Looks like a third of us are not taking advantage of our company match.  Neglecting the "match mathematics" will cost millions of Americans a decent nest egg.  Call your benefits office tomorrow and make sure you know your free money match!


When it comes to 401k savings, 33 percent of active participants fail to save enough to receive the full company match. Sixty percent save enough to receive the full employer match but are saving below the IRS or plan limits, and only 7 percent of all active participants save enough to come within $500 of the IRS or plan maximum allowed. Still, many participants are saving at healthy rates, with 25 percent of the entire sample saving 10 percent or more of salary. Across the sample, the most common employer match was 50 cents per dollar up to six percent of pay.

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