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Are you On The Road To Retirement? RetirementThink Tips

We'll keep adding tools, information and tips to help.  This is a perfect time to look at your 401k, TSP, 403b and IRA accounts.  Markets have been extremely volatile, yields are low and pessimism is at all time high.  Don't give up!  Think about your goals, your time-frame, and how much risk you can tolerate.  Please don't turn your back on these accounts.

If you have an old 401k or 403b plan..it's important to roll it into your own IRA.  it makes sense to have more investment options and the ability to access the IRA if you have an emergency. 

Focus on frugal living!  Lets pay attention to our expenses.  I just cancelled my home phone.  I don't think I need to listen to 3-4 telemarketers leave me a message each day.

All of our jobs are on the brink.  Companies are cutting back and it's important to step up and help your company make money. 

If you do get laid off...focus on your core strengths and interests.  Look for opportunities.  You will be able to roll money into your IRA and take money out.  It will be taxable and possible penalized-but it's important to have that safety net!

Economist's are talking about recession and depression constantly.  Experts on CNBC are constantly divided.  Make sure to stay positive and tune off Cramer and some of the noise.

Stay healthy!  It's time to focus on healthy meals (yeah, eat your vegtables like Mom does) and try to minimize stress in your life.  That means exercise and some peace and quiet periodically.


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