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403b Withdrawals...Your Plan May Require paperwork

We've been discussing 401k withdrawals in our last several articles.  If you work for a school, university or hospital (any non-profit) your plan will probably be a 403b plan.  They work the same while you're still working and once you retire or change employment they can be a little more restrictive if you decide to withdraw or initiate a rollover to your IRA or employer plan.  They generally will require paperwork. 

Your plan custodian will send forms out for your signature.  The forms may require your spouse to sign and often need to be notarized.  Definitely a little more work!  Years ago most 403b plans paid income annuities.  The plans now offer the ability to rollover that lump sum to your IRA...your spouse is waiving the right to that annuity and allowing funds to move to your IRA or retirement plan.

You'll be signing forms and sending to your employer or plan custodian.  If you are doing withdrawals on regular basis ..ask your plan about setting up a systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) or rolling your 403b plan to your IRA to make life simpler.

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