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Retired?...Need Income?...4 reits for retirement

Brad Thomas is the editor of The Forbes Real Estate Investor, he is extremely knowledgeable in the REIT sector and helps retiree's with income generating REIT ideas.   Make sure to consult your investment advisor for income ideas!

REIT (real estate investment trust) income should be a part of the retirement process and investors should take a closer look at the asset class that offers an outsized dividend yield along with very predictable sources of income.

However, REITs should not be painted by the same brush - just because you are an investor in a REIT does not guarantee that the dividend income will be sustainable. Most all retirees are counting on the income to fund expenses or enjoy their quality of living, a dividend cut could mean be devastating.

Here's one suggestion and a link to the Forbes article:

Omega Healthcare (OHI) is the largest “pure play” REIT that invests in Skilled Nursing buildings. As of Q4016 Omega had an operating asset portfolio of 981 facilities with approximately 99,000 operating beds. These facilities were spread across 79 third-party operators and located within 41 states and the United Kingdom.

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